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Shape the future with your insight

At PCA, we believe that the best way to ensure our standards and libraries meet the rapidly evolving needs of the energy and process sectors is by involving those who use them every day – you. As we navigate a world of constant change, the PCA Reference Data Library (RDL) and the newly introduced IMF Types are pivotal resources for our community. That's why we're excited to start introducing new tools in 2024, designed to harness the collective expertise of our members.

Your voice, your impact

With our new tools, every member has the opportunity to directly influence the development of our libraries. Here’s how you can make your mark.


Propose new terms

Found a gap in the PCA RDL? Submit your proposal for new terms and expand the lexicon to better serve our community’s needs.


Suggest IMF Types

Dive into the innovative world of IMF Types (structured information models) by proposing new concepts that can redefine our industry standards.


Collaborative approval

Authorized users from member organizations can engage in a collaborative process to review, approve, and publish submitted suggestions, ensuring that every addition meets our high standards of quality and relevance.

Introducing the symbol library

In our mission to provide comprehensive tools for the industry, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new Symbol Library. This collection is designed to enhance the visualization of structured data models through machine-readable and understandable engineering symbols. 

To complement the Symbol Library, PCA will also be rolling out a dedicated tool allowing for editing, creation and submission of symbol revisions. Just like with the RDL and IMF Types, this tool features a collaborative approval and publishing process, ensuring that the symbols you rely on are up-to-date and universally accessible. 

Join us in shaping the future

Whether you're contributing new terms, suggesting symbols, or participating in the approval process, your involvement is crucial to the continuous improvement of our libraries. Want to know how to contribute? Please contact us for more information.


Together, we can create a dynamic, responsive library that not only meets today's needs but anticipates tomorrow's challenges. Welcome to the forefront of industry innovation – powered by you.

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