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Welcome to PCA’s Reference Data Libraries (RDLs) page, your gateway to the forefront of standard technical information and structured information models for the oil and gas industry and other heavy asset industries.


PCA manages two pivotal types of RDLs: 

  • Standard technical information - terms and ontologies

  • IMF Types - structured information models tailored for asset modeling

In the first version now the boxes below link to our existing libraries.
We are working on creating new and better library services that in the coming months will replace these.

Standard technical information

At the core of our standard technical information library is ISO15926, a comprehensive standard for the representation of industrial information. PCA leverages Parts 2, 4, and 12 of the standard, forming the foundation of our RDLs. These parts offer a robust framework for describing and building core terms essential for the industry. We currently provide two versions of our RDL:

  • Production version - Available at

  • Extended version - Available at

The extended version incorporates the latest developments from ISO15926 Part 4 - Edition 3, as well as additions from production usage by PCA member organizations over the past half decade.

As part of developing the new tools and services in PCA, we are conducting a general lift our platform. This means that the current extended version will be migrated to our new platform and published as the new production version. The migration will be done in a way to does not impact current users. Stay tuned for news and updates on this front.

IMF Types

The Information Modeling Framework (IMF) represents a cutting-edge approach to creating structured information models. Agreed upon for standard technical information modeling in Norway’s oil and gas industry, IMF facilitates the creation of reusable models (IMF Types) for various asset aspects. PCA is at the forefront, developing tools and services for the creation and collective approval of IMF Types by member organizations (read more here). While some IMF Types are already available for exploration here, we emphasize their provisional nature as they are subject to imminent updates. 

Industrial data ontology (IDO)

The Industrial Data Ontology (IDO) is a W3C OWL 2 ontology designed for use across all life cycle phases of industrial assets and processes. It supports the building of vocabularies and the management of asset models using Reference Data Libraries (RDLs), making it a foundational ontology for industrial data terminology across multiple domains​​. Although still under development, an early version for explorative usage is available here.

Access and use

Our libraries are open for exploration and use, with the understanding that certain IMF Types are currently in a state of flux and not recommended for production applications. We encourage industry professionals to delve into these resources, providing valuable feedback and contributing to their evolution. 

Upcoming launches

PCA is evolving rapidly, and 2024 will see the launch of new types of libraries from PCA. Stay tuned for news and updates here. Who knows - maybe active readers will get early bird access?

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