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Creating a common understanding of what things are

Eliminate misalignments and embrace a structured ecosystem for information, where operational efficiency and accurate decisions are the norm.

DISC Show & Tell 2024

04 Sept 2024, 09:00
Equinor's Business Center in Stavanger

Uniform information

At the core of PCA are libraries offering uniform technical information and structured information models. Whether you’re deep into research or just looking for specific bits of info, our libraries are packed with standard-based data, including life-cycle ontology and IMF Types. In the next couple of months, our libraries will be migrated to our upgraded platform. This will give our users a unified experience, while still maintaining the integrity of already published data.



Our libraries must always reflect current needs, and who better to ensure this than you, the users themselves? In 2024, PCA is rolling out new tools that will put you - the user - in the driver's seat.

Swing by our Tools page for a sneak peak of what's on the horizon.

Join the Community

At PCA we’re dedicated to shaping the future of interoperability through uniform information and structured information models - all evolving dynamically through collaboration between our members. As a member, you become part of a distinguished community that drives innovation and enjoys access to groundbreaking developments.

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