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POSC Caesar

POSC Caesar Association (PCA) is a global, nonprofit member organization that shall promote the development of open specifications to be used as standards for enabling the interoperability of data, software and related matters.

PCA initiated ISO 15926 “Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities" and is committed to its maintenance and enhancement.

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2009 Forum and Members Meeting, KL 20-21 October

The POSC Caesar Association Forum and Members Meeting takes place on 20th and 21st October 2009 in Malaysia. The event is being hosted by Petronas at the Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur.

Click here to see the full event event programme. (PDF)

Our host Wan Hassan B Wan Mamat of Petronal Carigali Sdn Bhd, extends the following invitation to all members:

Dear all

On behalf of POSC Caesar Association I would like to extend our appreciation for your confirmation to attend the above Forum/Meeting in Kuala Lumpur on 20-21 Oct 2009. For those who are presenting paper at the forum, kindly refer to the [attached agenda]. Anyone who are not listed as presenter but having something to share, kindly let me know soonest possible and we will try our best to accommodate the presentation. We have an overwhelming support for the forum and the number of participants may reach 170.

I hope you have arranged for the accommodation at Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur or any other hotels nearby, and to all of you, a warm welcome to Kuala Lumpur and I hope you will have a memorable stay in KL. Should you need any assistance please let me know.

For your information the forum/meeting will be held as below:

Date: 20 – 21 October 2009
Time: 8.45am – 5.30 pm
Venue: Hotel Nikko
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

You may take a limousine (airport taxi) from KL International Airport (KLIA) to the hotel which fares ranging between RM90.00 to RM140.00 depending on the type of services (USD1.00 = RM3.6 approx.). Alternatively you may take a cheaper ride on Express Train (Express Rail-Link) from KLIA to KL Sentral (KL City Air Terminal) and then take Rapid LRT (Light Rapid Transit) from KL Sentral to Ampang Park Station which is next to Hotel Nikko. Total fares for this train rides would be less than RM50.00

See you all in KL.

Semantic Days 2009

The Semantic Days 2009 were held in Stavanger 18-20 May. The Semantic Days is an annual conference that has become an important meeting place for industrial use of semantic technologies with contribution from industry, vendors and academia. Follow this link to find the presentations and the meeting program.
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PCA’s Member Meeting, 20 February 2009

PCA held a successful Member Meeting, 20 February 2009 at Chevron’s Conference Center, Houston, Texas. Follow the link to find the presentations and the meeting program.

NRX, together with SAP and ALCIM, demonstrate an end-to-end ISO15926 Workflow at PCA Forum hosted by PETRONAS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

NRX, the market leader in asset information management (AIM) solutions, is pleased to announce that together with SAP and ALCIM, it recently demonstrated a complete workflow showing the integrated use of the ISO15926 reference data libraries to build an ISO15926-compliant data model and definitions. The demonstration took place at the POSC Caesar Association (PCA) Forum hosted by PETRONAS in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With NRX Asset Center's ISO15926 data connector, any data in ISO15926-compliant formats, in this case data output from ALCIM IQM, can be loaded into NRX Asset Center, and then synchronized with environments running SAP® software for enterprise asset management (EAM). This complete workflow was demonstrated during the forum to show a practical way to leverage ISO15926 to handle asset master data integration across the asset lifecycle.

Go to complete press release.

NRX new PCA member

PCA welcomes NRX as its member.

PCA Forum 2008 and members meeting

POSC Caesar had a very successful Forum 2008 and Members Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 21-22 October 2008. More than 150 participated in the meeting. Follow the link for the presentations.

ISO 15926-2 in OWL as visualized by the GrOWL Protege plugin

ISO 15926

PCA initiated ISO 15926 in 1997 and has chaired the group in ISO TC184/SC4 accountable for ISO 15926 ever since. The first four parts have been completed as ISO standards while the Parts 6 and 7 are still in progress.

A statement from the IT industry:

ISO 15926 is extraordinarily robust and complete, both in its specification and the technical infrastructure through which it is deployed. These characteristics differentiate ISO 15926 from other, less formal attempts at standards development. Other standards initiatives have broken down due to their inability to scale the submissions process, cover the structural requirements of multiple disciplines and provide an enterprise-grade technology foundation.

Reference Data Service (RDS)

PCA operates the RDS as a public service for the global process industry including oil and gas. RDS contains all reference data in ISO 15926, the Oil & Gas Ontology (OGO), reference data from EU projects in environment and pipelines, reference data for capital intensive project, as well as some reference data from defence and ship industries. The Norwegian Ministry of Defence, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Norwegian Oil Industry (OLF) have funded the development of The Reference Data System and is now funding the operation of the system.

Capital Intensive Projects

PCA and its members are running a Intelligent Data Sheets (IDS) project in close and productive collaboration with the “Accelerated Deployment of ISO 15926 (ADI)” project in FIATECH focusing on data sheets for equipment in capital intensive projects like offshore field development project. However, the solutions for the data sheets are interoperable and well suited for the supply chain in all phases of a capital asset. The IDS project is a research project supported by the Norwegian Research Council for the period 2006-2009.

Integrated Operations

Integrated Operations

The Norwegian Oil Industry (OLF) has defined IO as "real time data onshore from offshore fields and new integrated work processes". OLF has decided to use ISO 15926 as the instrument for integrating data across disciplines and business domains. This integration process requires an Oil & Gas Ontology (OGO). The OGO is stored in RDS and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) continuously maintain, enhance and extend the ontologies within the different business domain in the EP value chain.

Semantic Days

Semantic Days is an annual conference that has become a meeting place for industrial use of semantic web technologies where also research institutions and universities make significant contributions. The conference has taken place in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Follow the links for programmes and presentations.


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