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Template ID: Assignment of indirect property

This page shows work in progress, and is intended as informative only.

Purpose of the template


ID( x1:Thing, x2:ClassOfInformationRepresentation ) states that x2 is an identifier for x1.


The following table indicates what the roles (or "arguments"), are, and the requirements on entity types for each.


role names:ID_IdentifiedID_Identifier
entity types required:ThingClassOfInformationRepresentation
\tname{IDt}( x_1, x_2 ) &\supset \trole{ID\_Identified}( x_1 ) \land \trole{IDt\_Identifier}( x_2 )

where the roles and are again defined as follows.

Normative representation in first-order logic

Examples of expressions that this template should be able to represent

Graph illustrating an example

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