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The POSC Caesar SIG Technical Advisory Board

Also see the Special Interest Groups main page.

TAB / SIG / MMT Framework

  • Top Layer - TAB - Technical Advisory Board
    • board appointed representatives of all SIG's and working groups.
    • primarily for road-map coordination, management visibility of work and deliverable progress, resourcing, priorities, etc.
    • coordination with collaborating external work-groups & potentially competing initiatives. More, wider cooperation is always possible and valuable, but pragmatically limited by need to focus on delivering on already agreed collaborations and initiatives.
  • Mid Layer - SME SIG's - Subject Matter Special Interest Groups
    • focussing on agreeing subject matter definitions and requirements for reference data,
    • authority on SME content and usage, reporting deliverables to TAB.
    • any appropriate deliverable format. PCA / JORD-supported sandboxes ideally / ultimately.
    • formation of new SME SIG's generally "ground-up" by groups discovering interest in creating new content.
    • SIG membership limited to members of participating membership organisations, except where TAB authorizes participation by valuable non-member contributors.
    • any non-SME-specific modelling and technology issues / questions routed to Technical SIG's
  • Bottom Layer - Technical SIG's - technical subjects common across all working SIG's.
    • Includes MMT SIG and Technology Architecture SIG
    • Core MMT Group within MMT SIG for commitment to formal expert review, and a deadlock-breaker group with decisive authority on otherwise incomplete technical agreements. Authority comes from main PCA board (and MoU's with collaborating boards) via the TAB appointment of the core and deadlock-breaker groups.

Roadmap - Goals and Planned Results

Table of Contents


Ongoing Work

Related work


MeetingAction nrDescriptionResponsibleDeadlineStatusComments
2013-12-051Update the JORD ID Spec documentPCACompleted (date?)
2014-01-091Create a status page for namespace implementation.PCACompleted (date?)
2014-01-092Create a new page on for landscape with linkage between SIG's, other SIG's and external projectsPCACompleted link date?)
2014-01-093Mark will forward some relevant info to Håvard and Robin.Mark PalmerCompleted (date?)
2014-01-161Create an information page on the PCA website detailing the process for data submission to the RDLPCACompleted (date?)
2014-01-162Magne and Nils will discuss options for participating in the ISO 80000 alignment review for the UOM classes. Contact Mark about combining resources. Status: Nils will come back to Mark with an answer by the end of the week.PCADialog in progress (april)
2014-02-061Action list items from the TAB should be collected in a spreadsheet with related documentation (responsible, progress, result etc.) (PCA)PCACompleted (date?)
2014-02-062Produce Master RDL Action Item List and email list of interested people (Robin)RobinCompleted (date?)
2014-02-063Add numbers to headings for the maintenance proceduresPCACompleted (date?)
2014-02-064Write down specification for validation criteriaPCAIn progress link (april)More progress expected in May.
2014-02-201Organise TAB-SIG meetings monthly, TAB-MRAIL weekly (except for TAB-SIG meetings) with extra people from "MRAIL Team.xslx"PCACompleted (date?)
2014-02-271Meeting about processes and configuration management March 5th 13:00 CET.PCACompleted (date?)
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