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The POSC Caesar SIG Technical Advisory Board

Also see the Special Interest Groups main page.

TAB / SIG / MMT Framework

  • Top Layer - TAB - Technical Advisory Board
    • appointed representatives of all SIG's and working groups.
    • primarily for coordination, management visibility of work and deliverable progress, etc.
  • Mid Layer - SME SIG's - Subject Matter Special Interest Groups
    • focussing on agreeing subject matter definitions and requirements,
    • authority on SME content and usage, reporting deliverables to TAB.
    • any appropriate deliverable format. PCA / JORD-supported sandboxes ideally / ultimately.
    • any modelling and technology issues / questions routed to Technical SIG's
  • Bottom Layer - Technical SIG' - technical subjects common across all working SIG's.
    • MMT SIG and Technology Architecture SIG
    • Core Group within MMT SIG for authority on technical decisions. Authority comes from main PCA board (and MoU's with collaborating boards) via the TAB appointment of the core group.

Roadmap - Goals and Planned Results

Table of Contents


Ongoing Work

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