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    2424   * Core MMT Group within MMT SIG for '''''commitment '''''to formal expert review, and a deadlock-breaker group with decisive '''''authority '''''on otherwise incomplete technical agreements. Authority comes from main PCA board (and MoU's with collaborating boards) via the TAB appointment of the core and deadlock-breaker groups. 
    26 == Roadmap - Goals and Planned Results == 
    27 == Table of Contents == 
    28 === General === 
    29 === Ongoing Work === 
    30 === Related work === 
    31 === Actions === 
    32 ||Meeting||Action nr||Description||Responsible||Deadline||Status||Comments|| 
    33 ||2013-12-05||1||Update the JORD ID Spec document||PCA||||Completed (date?)|||| 
    34 ||2014-01-09||1||Create a status page for namespace implementation.||PCA||||Completed (date?)|||| 
    35 ||2014-01-09||2||Create a new page on for landscape with linkage between SIG's, other SIG's and external projects||PCA||||Completed [ link] date?)|||| 
    36 ||2014-01-09||3||Mark will forward some relevant info to Håvard and Robin.||Mark Palmer||||Completed (date?)|||| 
    37 ||2014-01-16||1||Create an information page on the PCA website detailing the process for data submission to the RDL||PCA||||Completed (date?)|||| 
    38 ||2014-01-16||2||Magne and Nils will discuss options for participating in the ISO 80000 alignment review for the UOM classes. Contact Mark about combining resources. Status: Nils will come back to Mark with an answer by the end of the week.||PCA||||Dialog in progress (april)|||| 
    39 ||2014-02-06||1||Action list items from the TAB should be collected in a spreadsheet with related documentation (responsible, progress, result etc.) (PCA)||PCA||||Completed (date?)|||| 
    40 ||2014-02-06||2||Produce Master RDL Action Item List and email list of interested people (Robin)||Robin||||Completed (date?)|||| 
    41 ||2014-02-06||3||Add numbers to headings for the maintenance procedures||PCA||||Completed (date?)|||| 
    42 ||2014-02-06||4||Write down specification for validation criteria||PCA||||In progress [ link] (april)||More progress expected in May.|| 
    43 ||2014-02-20||1||Organise TAB-SIG meetings monthly, TAB-MRAIL weekly (except for TAB-SIG meetings) with extra people from "MRAIL Team.xslx"||PCA||||Completed (date?)|||| 
    44 ||2014-02-27||1||Meeting about processes and configuration management March 5th 13:00 CET.||PCA||||Completed (date?)|||| 
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