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PCA Modelling, Methods and Technology, September 27th 2012

Time and place

27.09.2012, 2.30PM - 3.30PM (CEST)
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Next meeting: 25.10.2012, 8.30PM - 9.30PM (CEST)


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of MoM from last meeting
  3. Updates from (Kari Anne/Onno)
  4. What does it mean that the MMT has voted for, and by this agreed on a particular subject?
    • It is important that everyone has a clear and common understanding of the value and concequences of a voting....
  5. New topic on PCA RDS technical requirements (Pavel)
  6. Templates validating tool (Peter)
  7. Update on the pattern selector (Ian?)
  8. A.O.B.
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