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     1= PCA Modelling, Methods and Technology, July 28th 2016 = 
     2=== Time and place === 
     328.07.2016, 3.00PM - 4.00PM (CET) [[BR]] !GoToMeeting ([wiki:SigMmt/Internal/MeetingConnect how to connect] - need login)[[BR]]  Next meeting: August 25th 2016, 3.00-4.00PM CEST 
     5=== Agenda === 
     61. Approval of the minutes [[BR]]   
     72. Approval of the agenda [[BR]]   
     83. Review of batch 6[[BR]]   
     94. Publication of the approved templates [[BR]]     
     105. Agenda and date for the next meeting [[BR]]  
     116. Review of the actions 
     127. A.O.B. [[BR]] 
     14=== Minutes of Meeting === 
     15'''1. Approval of the minutes'''[[BR]] 
     17'''2. Approval of the agenda'''[[BR]] 
     19'''3. Review of batch 6'''[[BR]] 
     21'''4. Publication of the approved templates - status update '''[[BR]]  
     23'''5. Agenda and date for the next meeting'''[[BR]] 
     25'''6. Review of the actions'''[[BR]] 
     27'''7. A.O.B.'''[[BR]] 
     32=== Actions === 
     33''' Open actions from earlier meetings'''[[BR]]    
     35''' Action 15.19 LH/DS:'''  Practicalities (incl. procedure of maintenance) of namespace for (approved) templates. [[BR]] Draft of the procedure is prepared and disseminated. To be updated according to the received comments.[[BR]] Discussed during the meeting under item 4.[[BR]] Action will be closed after an endpoint for template signature publication will be operative.[[br]] 
     37''' Action 16.01 DS:''' Answer Onno question, see under AOB in MoM for 28th of April. An example was provided and discussed on 27th of May with Onno. Is further clarification necessary, shall we discuss during MMT meeting? [[br]] 
     40''' Action 15.23 DS:'''. Update the official list ( of approved templates on  [[BR]] Postponed until approval of Batch 5. Consider grouping templates in the list as well add approval date.[[BR]]  
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