PCA Modelling, Methods and Technology, March 6th 2014

Time and place

06.03.2014 27.02.2014, 2.45PM - 3.45PM (CET)
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Next meeting: March 27th 2014, 2.30-3.30PM CET


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of MoM from last meeting
  3. MMT list
  4. Template review process
  5. Template review Batch #2
  6. Use of online checklist
  7. Proposal: meta:valEffectiveDate for temporal parts (http://15926.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=203)
  8. Representation of templates
  9. A.O.B.

Minutes of Meeting

1. Approval of agenda

2. Approval of MoM from last meeting

3. MMT list
Emails asking for confirmation of further participation have been sent out. Confirmations have been received, and more are expected to come. MMT SIG members page will be updated accordingly (https://www.posccaesar.org/wiki/SigMmt/SigMmtMembers), togheter with the MMT group at the 16926.org forum.

4. Template review process
Summary of requirements and information related to a proposal, a review and the result:

The proposal

  • Must be submitted to the MMT chair before publishing
  • Templates in a proposal must be documented in a pdf or word file
  • The MMT chair to publish proposal on PCA MMT SIG page
  • Agree on review period in cooperation with submitter before publishing
  • The proposal cannot be changed after submittal
  • However, a proposal can be withdrawn
  • Then the original proposal can be redone and submitted as a new proposal

The review

  • Publish forum post after coordination with MMT chair
  • Use of checklist
  • Comments in forum
  • Responses by proposer to all comments


  • Approved template signatures, uris, labels, restrictions, defaultRdsId (of template and the roles) cannot be changed
  • A change request is possible at a later stage, but new template sets will probably be prioritized for review

5. Template review Batch #2
The original Batch #2 should be withdrawn. A revised set should be proposed and then made available for review (as described above).

6. Use of online checklist
The checklist is rather self-explanatory. It has not been tested out in practice yet, but will be used in the next review.

7. Proposal: meta:valEffectiveDate for temporal parts (http://15926.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=203)
The proposal gets positive feedback, but it is required to state what deprecation date means and how it is used. In addition, consolidation for documentation of such good practices should be coordinated with JORD.

8. Representation of templates
There are two main issues to resolve:

  1. decide on namespace
  2. fix owl export from 15926.org

Templates will be uploaded to the Part 8 Implementation Workgroup sandbox when it has been ensured that nothing will change. The content in the sandbox will then contain of a mix of approved templates and templates not approved yet.

9. A.O.B.
Orignal meeting time will be kept for now, but will be reviewed if required (due to possible overlap with MRAIL meetings).

Action Items

Action 14.05 Investigate documentation of best practice procedures in JORD (Lillian)
Action 14.06 Update export file (Onno)
Action 14.07 Create new topic in forum for a conlusion on URI´s for templates and agreement with IIP - include examples (Onno)
Action 14.08 Propose revised set of templates (Hans)

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