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PCA Modelling, Methods and Technology, June 1st 2017

Time and place

01.06.2017, 3.00PM - 4.00PM (CEST)
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Next meeting: June 22nd 2017, 3.00-4.00PM CEST


Keith Willshaw, Darius Kanga, Franz Schulze, Geiza Hamazaki, Onno Paap, Lillian Hella (MoM)


1. Approval of the agenda
2. Approval of the minutes
3. Addition of template roles
4. Review of batch 8
5. Geometry definitions
6. Agenda for the next meeting
7. Review of the actions
8. A.O.B.

Minutes of Meeting

1. Approval of the agenda

2. Approval of the minutes

3. Addition of template roles
Franz has a proposal for addition of template roles to a set of already approved templates; Add role ‘hasDefined’ to the templates
1) ClassOfAssemblyDefinition
2) ClassOfRelativeLocationDefinition
3) ClassOfCompositionDefinition
4) ClassOfArrangementDefinition
5) ClassOfFeatureWholePartDefinition
6) ClassOfContainmentDefinition
7) ClassOfIntendedRoleAndDomainDefinition (not sure about this one because I see no application, yet)

Add the following template
1) ClassifiedContainmentOfIndividual

By adding the role [hasDefined] to the definition template, the ClassOfAssemblyOfIndividual is captured on the class level explicitly. Then the template of type ClassifiedAssemblyOfIndividual could reference this class. The definition of the class of assembly is simply what the name ClassOfAssemblyDefinition indicates to do. This change enables the segregation between very different tasks, e.g., ‘defining classes’ and ‘using classes’ to describe the relation on the instance level.

The reference is needed when you start mapping and there are m

More discussion is required and we add this as an agenda item for the next meeting.

4. Review of batch 8
Franz has received response to issue in forum in email. We note that Part 12 has mapped arithmetic_number to number (prefix lci). Several people are reviewing templates at the moment. We still aim to complete the review of Batch 8 before the next mmt meeting. Lillian will send out reminders and notifications.

5. Geometry definitions
Geometry and abstract objects without definitions have existed. There has been links to documents that no longer exists. Keith has done a great job to dig up proper definitions. It has been challenging because the full definitions are very long. They have been shortened and will be added to RDL2 and eventually included in the updated of the PCA RDL. Once added to RDL 2, some formatting review will be performed.

6. Agenda for the next meeting

1. Approval of the agenda [[BR]]  
2. Approval of the minutes [[BR]]  
3. Review of batch 8 and voting status  [[BR]]  
4. Addition of template roles [[BR]]  
4. Agenda for the next meeting [[BR]] 
5. Review of the actions[[BR]]
6. A.O.B. [[BR]]

7. Review of the actions
Action 16.05 LH: Update MMT members allowed to vote on

8. A.O.B.
No items.


Action 17.01 LH: Email Onno MMT members without profiles

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