Base Template LowerUpperOfNumberRange

LowerUpperOfNumberRange is a template for stating what the upper and lower bounds of a number range are.

LowerUpperOfNumberRange(a, b, c) means that a is a number range and b and c are numbers,
and that b is the lower, c the upper bound of a.

1 hasRange NumberRange
2 hasLowerBound ArithmeticNumber
3 hasUpperBound ArithmeticNumber


LowerUpperOfNumberRange(x1, x2, x3) <-> 
NumberRange(x1) & 
ArithmeticNumber(x2) & 
ArithmeticNumber(x3) & 
LowerBoundOfNumberRangeTemplate(x2, x1) & 
UpperBoundOfNumberRangeTemplate(x3, x1) . 

NOTE To represent number ranges which are not bounded, use the reference items Infinity and -Infinity (see 8.2.1).

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