Base Template ClassificationOfClassOfIndividual

This is a template for classifying classes that only have individuals as members.

ClassificationOfClassOfIndividual(a, b) means that a is a first-order class, that b is a secondorder class, and that a is a member of b.

1 hasClass ClassOfIndividual
2 hasClassClassifier ClassOfClassOfIndividual


ClassificationOfClassOfIndividual(x1, x2) <-> 
ClassOfIndividual(x1) & 
ClassOfClassOfIndividual(x2) & 
ClassificationOfClass(x1, x2) . 

NOTE This template is a specialised version of ClassificationOfClass, with the added restriction that the first argument is a first-order class (a ClassOfIndividual), and the second argument is a second-order class (a ClassOfClassOfIndividual).

EXAMPLE The expansion of the statement ClassificationOfClass(Drilling Class, Drill String)

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