Base Template BeginningEndOfIndividual

This is a template for stating start and end times of existence.
BeginningEndOfIndividual(a, b, c) means that a is an individual and b and c are points in time, and that a begins to exist at b and ceases to exist at c.

1 hasIndividual PossibleIndividual
2 hasStartTime RepresentationOfGregorianDateAndUtcTime
3 hasEndTime RepresentationOfGregorianDateAndUtcTime


BeginningEndOfIndividual(x1, x2, x3) <-> 
PossibleIndividual(x1) & 
RepresentationOfGregorianDateAndUtcTime(x2) & 
RepresentationOfGregorianDateAndUtcTime(x3) & 
exists u(PointInTime(u) & BeginningTemplate(u, x1) & 
ClassOfRepresentationOfThingTemplate(x2, u)) & 
exists u(PointInTime(u) & EndTemplate(u, x1) & 
ClassOfRepresentationOfThingTemplate(x3, u)) . 

EXAMPLE The statement BeginningEndOfIndividual(Survey # 23, 2009–10–19 , 2009–10–21)

Note that no designation for the PointInTime instances is defined.

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