Base Template BeginningEndLocationOfActivity

This is a template for expressing where and when an activity takes place.
BeginningEndLocationOfActivity(a, b, c, d) means that a is an activity, b and c are points in time, and d is a location, and that a takes place at d, starting at b and ending at c.

1 hasActivity Activity
2 hasStartTime RepresentationOfGregorianDateAndUtcTime
3 hasEndTime RepresentationOfGregorianDateAndUtcTime
4 hasLocation SpatialLocation?


BeginningEndLocationOfActivity(x1, x2, x3, x4) <-> 
Activity(x1) & 
RepresentationOfGregorianDateAndUtcTime(x2) & 
RepresentationOfGregorianDateAndUtcTime(x3) & 
SpatialLocation(x4) & 
BeginningEndOfIndividual(x1, x2, x3) & 
LocationOfActivity(x1, x4) . 
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