PCA Drilling and Completion SIG Members

  • (NOV): Jens Ingvald Ornæs, R&D Project Manager, [email protected] tel: 90205662 (SIG chair)
  • (PCA): Kari Anne Thorsen, PhD, [email protected] SIG co-chair
  • (NOV): Robert Ewald, Snr. System Developmen, Ontology and Semancics responsible, [email protected]
  • (UiO): Arild Waaler, Professor University of Oslo, [email protected]
  • (UiS): Tomasz Wiktor Wlodarczyk, Post Doc, [email protected]
  • (IRIS): Nejm Saadallah, Researcher, [email protected]
  • (DNV): Pål Rylandsholm, [email protected]
  • (Baker Hughes): Inge Svensson, [email protected]
  • (NTNU): Agnar Aamodt, [email protected]
  • (Energistics): Allan Doniger, [email protected]
  • (StatoilHydro): Lars Olav Grøvik, [email protected]
  • (Posc Caesar): Nils Sandsmark, [email protected]
  • (TracID): Øystein Hult, [email protected]

Available resources

  • (DNV): Martin Georg Skjaeveland, [email protected] (Technical resource - WIKI and subversion)
  • (DNV): Johan Wilhelm Klüwer, [email protected] (Core ontology - Chair of "Modelling, Methods, and Technology SIG")
  • (OLF): Thore Langeland, [email protected]
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