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RDS Operations Support Services Offered

The RDS Operations Support Tickets are used for handling service requests conserning availability, content and technical and software support issues etc.

Service Availability

Service/Coverage windowspecifies the time during which services are guaranteed available. The Coverage window is from to GMT + 1.00 on business days (ex. week-ends and holidays).
Response time is the period of time that begins when the initial service request is received and logged in the until the request is assigned to an support team member and prioritized. The response time for all requests registered on is 8 hours within the defined coverage window. Target solution time specifies the period of time that begins where the customer request is assigned & prioritized, until the requestor receives a solution to the problem. The target solution time will vary depending on the priority set the the request after the initial analysis done by the support team.

User Rights

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How to become member? Read about it on Membership

When you are logged in (use the upper right hand side menu) a new menu will become available on your left hand side. Here you can submit a request using the new ticket function, you can follow the progress of you ticket through View tickets or you can join a discussion on a topic on Discussion

To select Service Area: You have to 2 options for Service Area selction: RDS System Request and RDL Content Request.

RDS System: Requests that require assistance on technical issues of availability of Hardware/Software, Report of failure, downtime etc. Includes requests concerning access or modification to access.

RDL Content: Requests concerning the Reference Data Library content, proposals for change requests at Work In Progress (WIP) and the ISO 15925 Standard. Includes content development requests, correction of errors etc.

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