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Current efforts

Anything we are currently working on and aiming to finish.

defaultRdsId & RDS-WIP

  1. Recover as many of the RDS-WIP mappings as possible
  2. Review recovery process
  3. Create defaultRdsIds based on RDS-WIP, RDS numbers.

Currently working on step 1. The process is to look through previous exports from Brutus (the old Reference Data Service) to find out what the RDS-WIP mapping file was actually pointing too. Then tracing this up through the exports searching by id or by designation. A computer program has been created to automate this process. The result will be a matrix showing the trace through the files.

The focus for this effort is on reference data classes (things with designations).

Future plans

Anything we have not started by are planning (or simply wanting) to do.

Human-readable URIs

As per the JORD ID Spec, all URI's will be human-readable where possible. These changes will only be reflected in the new namespaces. owl:sameAs or owl:Equivalent properties will be used to link back to the previous version.

New Namespace

The new namespaces are planned implemented by the end of February.

New Hosting Provider

We are planning on setting up the endpoints through a new hosting provider (Amazon).

Automated Validation

Proposed changes (additions and improvements) need to be validated. Planned for an automated solution that handles RDF data and uses SPARQL to generate a validation report.

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