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No messages.== Current efforts == Anything we are currently working on and aiming to finish.=== defaultRdsId & RDS-WIP ===

  1. Recover as many of the RDS-WIP mappings as possible
  2. Review recovery process
  3. Create defaultRdsIds based on RDS-WIP, RDS numbers.

Currently working on step 1. The process is to look through previous exports from Brutus (the old Reference Data Service) to find out what the RDS-WIP mapping file was actually pointing too. The tracing this up through the exports searching by id or by designation. A computer program has been created to automate this process. The result will be a matrix showing the trace through the files.The focus for this effort is on reference data classes (things with designations).== Future plans == Anything we have not started by are planning (or simply wanting) to do.=== Human-readable URIs === As per the JORD ID Spec, all URI's will be human-readable where possible. These changes will only be reflected in the new namespaces. owl:sameAs or owl:Equivalent properties will be used to link back to the previous version.=== New Namespace === The new namespaces are planned implemented by the end of February.=== New Hosting Provider === We are planning on setting up the endpoints through a new hosting provider (Amazon).== Other work ==

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