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POSC Caesar (PCA) runs or participate in research and joint industry projects that develop reference data and semantic technology. Usually PCA requires to be the owner of IPR to all reference data developed in these projects so they can easily be made available for the global industry through PCA's Reference Data Services (RDS). Furthermore, PCA pro-actively work for that other organizations shall adopt these reference data like ISO, W3C, Energistics, OASIS, MIMOSA, FIATECH and so on, into their products and services.

IO in the High North (2008-2012)
The primary objective of this project is to enhance technology and develop prototypes for a digital infrastructure and a semantic platform to implement Integrated Operations Generation 2 (IO G2) processes for “zero footprints” solutions.

The project shall develop product models that are independent of presentation formats and link these models to types of data sheets and Work to Work interactions.

DEPUIS (Design of Environmental Products Using Information Standards) is an EU co-funded research project managed by ENEA. The objective of DEPUIS is to improve the environmental friendly design of new products and services through the innovative use of new information standards.

Integrated Information Platform
The Integrated Information Platform (IIP) project makes important contributions toward resolving one of the major challenges on the way towards realisation of Integrated Operations (IO); the establishment of a real-time information pipeline, based on open standards, that supports both generations of IO.

CASCADE (2002-2004)
CASCADE (Co-operation and Standards for life Cycle Assessment Data in Europe was an EU co-funded GROWTH project managed by ENEA.
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