Integrated Operations In the High North (IOHN)

Twenty-three companies from different parts in the value chain have joined forces to design, implement and demonstrate a reliable and robust ICT architecture to be used for petroleum exploration and production in remote settings, such as the Arctic. Open standards are used to ensure interoperability, to facilitate integration and to transfer data. Combined with advances in information sharing and knowledge management technologies, this readily improves the basis for collaborative decision making and thereby facilitates more effective work processes.

The overall goal for the Integrated Operations in the High North (IOHN) project is to design, implement and demonstrate a reliable and robust architecture for Integrated Operations Generation 2 (IO G2). Existing open standards are used and extended when required and new standards are incubated to ensure interoperability, to facilitate integration and to transfer data. To make data-to-information-to-decisions work processes more efficient, information and knowledge models based on open standards are also developed and used.

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Semicolon II

The main goal of the Semicolon II-project is to test and establish methods, tools and performance indicators that can be used as the basis for recommendations and standards for enhancing collaboration across the public sector in Norway. Better collaboration will lead to relevant, future-oriented and cost-effective services to businesses and citizens.

The project will:

  • Identify obstacles for collaboration and prescribe strategies and solutions to overcome these.
  • Develop methods and tools for establishing efficient and effective collaboration, and identify performance indicators to measure the effect of the collaboration.
  • Use the above-mentioned methods and tools in example projects in the public sector organisations, and measure the effects by means of the performance indicators.
  • Disseminate results and experiences to the public sector, the ICT-industry and the academia.
  • Establish an arena for collaboration between public sector organisations, competent businesses and research organisations.
  • The work will be performed in example projects and address a wide range of topic areas such as organisational issues, semantic issues, legal issues, collaboration platforms etc.

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