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Some of the benefits a company is obliged to as a member of POSC Caesar are:

  • Influence on the development of specifications and standards
  • All products available at least 12 months earlier than the general public
  • Substantial more information available through membership meetings and on PCA's web pages
  • Reduction in conference and course fees
  • Reduction in consulting fees


The annual membership dues depend on the company’s revenues. If the company represent a non-profit organization or the company’s revenues are less than Euro 20 million, then the dues are just Euro 2000 per year. For revenues between Euro 20 million and Euro 200 millions, the dues are Euro 5 000 per year. If the company's revenues are more than Euro 200 millions than the dues are Euro 10 000 per year. Other companies with revenues more than Euro 2000 millions have fees Euro 10 000 per year. Owner/operators with revenues more than Euro 2000 millions have fees Euro 25 000 per year. If the company is a subsidiary (owned by more than 50% of a parent company), than the revenue figures above is valid for the parent company.

Fill in and submit the application form. Send any questions you may have to [email protected].

POSC Caesar's Articles of Association (AoA) defines the purpose and the structure of the organization.



Universities and Research Institutes

Oil Companies

Engineering and Consultants

Solution providers

If you need further information please contact [email protected].

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