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Daily Drilling Report Collaboration Area

This is the frontpage for the collaboration area for the Daily Drilling Report (DDR) XML Schema on the PCA Trac.

Only members of the area have write access to the wiki pages starting with NcsDdr/CollaborationArea, please remember this when creating new wiki pages, i.e., if you want to create a new page (NewPageName) in the collaboration area please name the page NcsDdr/CollaborationArea/NewPageName. Send technical or administrative questions regarding the collaboration area to Martin G. Skjæveland: [email protected].

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  1. Daily Drilling Report Collaboration Area
  2. Minutes of meetings
  3. DDR Phase 2
  4. Participants
  5. Change log
    1. WITSML_drillReport_profiled_schema.xsd
      1. Version 7
      2. Version 6
      3. Version 5
      4. Version 4
      5. Version 3
      6. Version 2
      7. Version 1

Minutes of meetings

The minutes of meetings are available in the file repository

DDR Phase 2

Update XML schema with identified corrections


NameE-mail address
Ove Ryland[email protected]
Line M. Eltervaag[email protected]
Thor Inge Bollestad[email protected]
Torill Dyngeland[email protected]
Cecilie Edland[email protected]
Arild Solsbak[email protected]
Mike Herbert[email protected]
John Aurlien[email protected]
Anita Haugen Skjæveland[email protected]
Geir Aas[email protected]
Jane Tang[email protected]
Egil Stuvland[email protected]
Angela Albrektsen[email protected]
Bjørg Halsteinslid[email protected]
Jostein Jåtten[email protected]
Lars Endre Hestenes[email protected]
Mikkel Fjeldheim[email protected]
Jens Ingvald Ornæsmailto:[email protected]
Inge Svensson[email protected]
Henning Jansen[email protected]
Jennifer Sampson[email protected]
K. Duncan[email protected]
S. Nedrebø[email protected]
Nejm Saadallah[email protected]
Jonas Stokka[email protected]
Hans Stokka[email protected]
Arnt Vegard Espeland[email protected]
Sesha Konda[email protected]
Inge Knudsen[email protected]
Jan Ingvar Riveland[email protected]
Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen[email protected]
Chunming Rong[email protected]
Lars Olav Grøvik[email protected]
Pål Rylandsholm[email protected]
Martin Georg Skjæveland[email protected]
Alfred Johnsen[email protected]

Change log

The collaboration files are kept in a Subversion repository, an excellent version control system.


Version 7

Changes from last version.


  • Changed enumeration value spellings:
    • PresTestType: ”formation intergity test” change to “formation integrity test”
    • InnerBarrelType: aluminum change to aluminium (Not changed, aluminum is US EN)
  • Enumeration value spellings, "ActivityCodeNPD2:
    • completion -- bob activities to completion -- bop activities
    • workover -- bob/wellhead Equipment to workover -- bop/wellhead equipment
    • completion -- test scssv to completion -- test scsssv
    • workover -- test scssv to workover -- test scsssv
  • Enumeration value spellings, "EquipmentCodeNPD":
    • drillstring downhole – drillcolars to drillstring downhole – drillcollars
    • hosting equ -- top driv to hosting equ -- top drive
    • well control equ syst – choke kill syst to well control equ syst -- choke/kill syst
    • service equ – well head tubular equ to service equ -- wellhead tubular equ
  • Cardinality changes:
    • gasReadingInfo/gasLow from: minOccur=1 to: minOccur=0
    • gasReadingInfo/mdBottom from: minOccur=1 to: minOccur=0
    • gasReadingInfo/tvdBottom from: minOccur=1 to: minOccur=0
    • drillReport/bitRecord from: maxOccur=1 to: maxOccur=unbounded
    • equipFailureInfo/tvd from: minOccur=1 to: minOccur=0
    • perfInfo/dTimClose from: minOccur=1 to: minOccur=0
  • New elements:
    • ActivityCodeNPD:
      • completion -- hydraulic workover
      • workover -- hydraulic workover
    • DominateCopmponentTypeNPD (new type)
  • Removed elements (replaced by the new one):
    • None
  • AppInfo URL:
    • All URLs are updated

Version 6

Changes from last version.

Version 5

Changes from last version.


  • Change of tvd elements from minOccur=1 to minOccur=0
    • statusInfo/tvd minOccur=0
    • fluid/tvd minOccur=0
    • porePressure/tvd minOccur=0
    • surveyStation/tvd minOccur=0
    • activity/tvd minOccur=0
    • logInfo/tvdBottom minOccur=0
    • logInfo/tvdTop minOccur=0
    • logInfo/tvdTempTool minOccur=0
    • coreInfo/tvdBottom minOccur=0
    • coreInfo/tvdTop minOccur=0
    • wellTestInfo/tvdBottom minOccur=0
    • wellTestInfo/tvdTop minOccur=0
    • formTestInfo/tvd minOccur=0
    • lithShowInfo/tvdBottom minOccur=0
    • lithShowInfo/tvdTop minOccur=0
    • controlIncidentInfo/tvdInflow minOccur=0
    • stratInfo/tvdTop minOccur=0
    • perfInfo/tvdBottom minOccur=0
    • perfInfo/tvdTop minOccur=0
    • gasReadingInfo/tvdTop minOccur=0
    • gasReadingInfo/tvdBottom minOccur=0
  • Other cardinality changes:
    • wellboreInfo/rigAlias from: minOccur=2 to: minOccur=0
    • fluid/yp from: minOccur=0 to: minOccur=1
    • lithShowInfo/dTim from: minOccur=0 to: minOccur=1
    • gasReadingInfo/nbut from: minOccur=0 to: minOccur=1
    • gasReadingInfo/ipent from: minOccur=0 to: minOccur=1
  • Enumeration value
    • In type “EquipmentCodeNPD” (used by equipFailureInfo/equipClass) the enum value “hosting equipment -- travelling block” is changed to “hosting equ -- travelling block”

Version 4

Changes from last version.

Version 3

Changes from last version.

Version 2

Changes from last version.

Version 1

First version.

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