EPIM Report User Forum Filestorage

This page explains the structure of the file storage used for the EPIM Report User Forum Collaboration Rooms:

Both sites share the same file storage. The addresses for the file storage are:

For more information on how to connect to and use the file repository, see Repository


The root of the svn file storage contains the following folders:






meetings contains arbitrary files used in meetings, e.g. minutes, presentations.

All versions are kept in separate folders named after their version number, e.g., 1.0, 1.1, in a with the name of the standard, e.g., MonthlyProductionReport, in the folder standards.

projects contains all projects established to work on s standard. In a project folder there is a copy of the current version of the standard. This folder contains the ongoing work on the standard, i.e., bug fixes and improvement suggestions . When the projects are finished, the project "sends" the development version out on hearing. When the hearing is successfully completed the development version folder is copied to a folder in standards.

misc contains arbitrary files not directly related to projects og standards.

The sandbox folder may be used to play with svn.

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