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Intelligent Data Sets Accelerating Deployment of ISO15926

Realizing Open Information Interoperability

The Proteus Project

The Proteus project is the next phase of the original Matrix 1,2,3 project to provide ISO15926 data exchange of intelligent P&ID data between vendor systems, exchange of data between different vendors P&IDs and 3D models and exchange of data between different vendors 3D models.

The Matrix 1,2,3 project culminated in a demonstration at the April 2009 FIATECH conference in Las Vegas by 9 vendors showing exchange of data using an XML file transport that satisfied all 3 data exchanges. During the Matrix 1,2,3 project several items were acknowledged as being necessary to provide commercial, robust software solutions to the Process and Power industries but were shelved due to the time constraint of the conference.

The Proteus project aims to solve these shelved items and to encourage software vendors to upgrade their available commercial systems to support them. The 12 items to solve are:

1) Handling User Defined Attributes in the source and target systems – how to reconcile these, what are limitations (what can we allow and not allow, what are rules of engagement, etc).

2) Graphical Symbols – inline or in symbol library.

3) Symbol libraries, Cats and specs, and their inter-relationship.

4) Company's standards on import.

5) Validate class names in payload (files or others) against RDS/WIP on export and/or import. 6) Multi-document import and export.

7) Loosen the link between the model and the drawing.

8) Status management.

9) Deletion.

10) Standardized methodology for mapping between ISO 15926 and other standards.

11) Methodology for mapping ISO15926 XML representation to iRING and vice versa.

12) Preserving multiple products system data during a round-trip of payload.

In creating the Requirement specification for the project an additional item has been added:

13) Non-Intelligent graphics.

All relevant project documents (other than these Wiki pages) are filed in the following Subversion (SVN) Repository:

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