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Intelligent Data Sets Accelerating Deployment of ISO15926

Realizing Open Information Interoperability

Avalon Content Collaboration

This is a stub page for the WIP Content Collaboration Wiki of the IDS-ADI Avalon Project. The proposed work breakdown for this team is as follows:

Introductory subjects

(These will refer to existing IDS-ADI & iRING resources)

  • Primer / knowledge of ISO15926 itself
  • Existing RDL-WIP content / sources.
  • The iRING Reference Data Architecture
  • Etc ...

Specific RDL-WIP Modelling Issues

(These will benefit from some deeper understanding of ISO15926 modelling and iRING architecture, but we will need at least some common appreciation.)

  • Identifying Classes and other RDL-WIP Items
  • Modelling (& "How to Use" Mapping) RDL-WIP Content
  • Recognizing Classes & Templates & Individuals as RDL-WIP Items
  • Etc ...

Organized by Project & Payload Focus

(These will presume only business-domain information knowledge.)

  • Data Management Criticality / Information Types & Uses
  • Business Process Data / Change Management / Status / Meta-Data
  • Key Data / Master Data
  • Specific User Companies / Specific Capital Projects
  • Specific Solution Providers / Specific Solutions
  • Data Sheets – Functional Design / Process Needs
  • Data Sheets – Physical / Supply Chain Needs
  • Geometry – Schematic Models (P&ID’s / Loops / ELD’s)
  • Geometry – 3D / Spatial Models
  • Etc …
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