ISO 15926 as OWL project

This is the WIKI page for the PCA ISO 15926 as OWL project.

Roadmap - Goals and Planned Results


  • To develop OWL2 representations of ISO 15926-2 suitable for use in the development of industrial ontologies based on the upper ontology of ISO 15926-2, using currently recognized best-practice methods of OWL ontology development.

Table of Contents


Meeting agendas
Minutes of Meetings

Ongoing Work

  • Defining motivation and scope

Available information

  • Project proposal
  • The representation published by PCA and used in the regular export of PCA RDL, available at Content Scope = Export of full RDL ontology from PCA Master RDS (aka Brutus) Content Format = OWL with all Part2 Express content reified in triples.
  • The simplified representation of the in-process ISO 15926-8, available (PCA member and login required) at Content Scope = Content of Part 8, representing Part 7 & Part 2 Model Content Format = RDF as defined by Part 8

Project Internal

Project members have access to the restricted project pages.
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