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  1. Abstract
    1. AEX (Automating Equipment Information Exchange)
    2. Project Color Coding
    3. RDS/WIP
    4. IDS Task 120
    5. Some Definitions


[Enter abstract]

AEX (Automating Equipment Information Exchange)

The Automating Equipment Information Exchange (AEX) project is developing, demonstrating and deploying eXtensible Markup Language (XML) specifications to automate information exchange for the design, procurement, delivery, operation and maintenance of engineered equipment.

AEX – The natural collaboration between AEX and IDS-ADI is via the Matrix/SIG’s teams.

Project Color Coding

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Red
  • Blue


The RDS/WIP is several things:

  • a library of reference data for ISO 15926
  • a means of publishing core ISO 15926 definitions
  • a platform for developing new ISO 15926 definitions
  • a workspace for harmonizing other standards with ISO 15926 (or each other)

IDS Task 120

How to use templates

Some Definitions

Semantic versus syntactic-
Semantic precision-
Semantic fidelity-

We will introduce several new concepts that are fundamental principles of interoperability and integration. They directly relate to the cost of interoperability and integration. Understanding these is the key to reducing cost.

Conservation of complexityYou can't get away from complexity. You can move it from one place to another, but it will always be there somewhere
AbstractionRepresenting real objects in a general, abstract form
EncapsulationHiding complexity from users who really don't want to know any more
Semantic precision-

[Input requested: I'm looking for a good place to talk about these terms. GPR]

Semantic versus syntactic-
Semantic fidelity-



For an extremely detailed Glossary, see STEPDEX: Glossary of Data Management Terms

Glossary of STEP and PDM related terms



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