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  1. Abstract
    1. AEX (Automating Equipment Information Exchange)
    2. Project Color Coding
    3. RDS/WIP
    4. IDS Task 120
    5. Interoperability


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AEX (Automating Equipment Information Exchange)

The Automating Equipment Information Exchange (AEX) project is developing, demonstrating and deploying eXtensible Markup Language (XML) specifications to automate information exchange for the design, procurement, delivery, operation and maintenance of engineered equipment.

AEX – The natural collaboration between AEX and IDS-ADI is via the Matrix/SIG’s teams.

Project Color Coding

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Red
  • Blue


The RDS/WIP is several things:

  • a library of reference data for ISO 15926
  • a means of publishing core ISO 15926 definitions
  • a platform for developing new ISO 15926 definitions
  • a workspace for harmonizing other standards with ISO 15926 (or each other)

IDS Task 120

How to use templates


There are a great number of definitions of Interoperability. This is the definition used by this primer.

The ability of different types of computers, networks, operating systems, and applications to work together effectively, without prior communication, in order to exchange information in a useful and meaningful manner. There are three aspects of interoperability: semantic, structural and syntactical. (Source: Dublin Core metadata glossary )

The key words here are without prior communication. Thus, having two computer programs interoperate with each other by means of a custom written mapping program is not interoperability by this definition. It would, however, be accetable for both to map to an external standard, such as ISO 15926.


Another Glossary

For an extremely detailed Glossary, see STEPDEX: Glossary of Data Management Terms

Glossary of STEP and PDM related terms



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