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Expose Information to a Business Partner

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In this example you are part of a consortium brought together for a particular project. At the end of the project the consortium will be officially disbanded, although you often participate in consortiums, often with some of the same group of partners.

In this consortium, the participants agree use a common document control system. The dilemma for each participant is whether or not to maintain their own document system as well. While the project is in progress, each participant has access to the consortium's system, but after the project is over, access will be terminated. If there is ever a dispute, each participant will want their own set of records. Therefore, the lawyers for each participant will argue that each needs to maintain its own system in addition to the consortium system.

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Figure 1 - Maintaining Two Document Control Systems

Notice that all the work has to be keyed in twice. What you want is to only have to do it once.

One solution is to use your own document control system and simply export the information to an ISO 15926-compliant façade. Notice that the work only has to be done once. You are free to expose some or all of your document control information to your business partner.

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Figure 2 - Exposing Information Using a Façade

The best news is that once you have done this for one project, it will stil be there for the next one.


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