Deploying iRING for the 2010 Digital Plant Conference

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  1. Abstract
    1. Background of Participant
    2. Preliminary Steps


[Enter abstract]

This is a record of implementing iRING in order to participate in the 2010 Digital Plant Conference.

Purpose of Participating:

  • A chance to learn more about ISO 15926.
  • To provide a written record to enable others to more easily plan and execute a demonstration of iRING.

Background of Participant

  • Piping Designer by trade
  • Experienced PDS Administrator
  • Experienced AutoPLANT Administrator
  • A solid introduction to database administration

Preliminary Steps

  • Download iRING Installation Guide
  • Submit to network security personnel and get permission to install
  • Secure a computer suitable to run the iRING Sandbox (this turned out to be a CAD workstation)
    • Workstation was reimaged to provide a known platform
  • Decide which scenario to participate in
    • Chose Intelligent P&ID export/import
    • To reduce workload, use the OpenPlant !PowerPID drawings from the Camelot demonstration
  • Download OpenPlant !PowerPID software from Bentley


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