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ISO 15926 Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities

ISO 15926 currently consists of 7 parts. The published parts, currently parts 1, 2 and 4, can be bought from ISO.

Information concerning engineering, construction and operation of production facilities is created, used and modified by many different organizations throughout a facility's lifetime. The purpose of ISO 15926 is to facilitate integration of data to support the life-cycle activities and processes of production facilities.

The data model and the initial reference data are suitable for shared databases or data warehouse computer systems in development project and in operation and maintenance. Furthermore, as well as, for defining the terms used in product catalogues in e-commerce. Another used of the standard is as a reference classification for shared databases and product catalogues not based on ISO 15926.

Part 1 Overview and fundamental principles

ISO 15926-1:2003 specifies a representation of information associated with engineering, construction and operation of process plants. This representation supports the information requirements of the process industries in all phases of a plant's life-cycle and the sharing and integration of information amongst all parties involved in the plant's life cycle. (ISO)

Part 2 Data Model

ISO 15926-2:2003 is a part of ISO 15926, an International Standard for the representation of process plant life-cycle information. This representation is specified by a generic, conceptual data model designed to be used in conjunction with reference data: standard instances that represent information common to a number of users, process plants, or both. The use and definition of reference data for process plants is the subject of Parts 4, 5 and 6 of ISO 15926. (ISO)

The model can support all disciplines and life-cycle stages, and it can support information about functional requirements, physical solutions, types of objects and individual objects as well as activities.


Part 3 Ontology for geometry and topology

ISO 15926–3 will make the concepts defined by ISO 10303-42 and ISO 10303-104, including concepts in Earth models and the GIS standards ISO 19107 and ISO 1911, available within the ISO 15926 environment. The ontology defined by ISO 15926-3 will be equally valid for CAD, GIS and Earth models.


Part 4 Initial reference data

ISO/TS 15926-4:2007 defines the initial set of reference data for use with the ISO 15926 and ISO 10303-221 industrial data standards. (ISO)


ISO Maintenance Agency (to replace Part 5)

ISO TC184/SC4 started an initiative to develop an ISO Maintenance Agency for reference data. Standards and procedures developed by this initiative shall replace Part 5. POSC Caesar (PCA) has participated in this activity.

Part 6 Methodology for the development and validation of reference data

A combined NWI proposal and CD/TS proposal has been prepared for ISO 15926 Part 6.

Part 7 Implementation methods for the integration of distributed systems

ISO 15926-7 is defining and testing implementation methodologies. Through the IDS project a short cut implementation strategy for using Part 4 reference data as a dictionary of standard terms has been developed.

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