DEPUIS (Design of Environmental Products Using Information Standards) is an EU co-funded research project managed by ENEA. The objective of DEPUIS is to improve the environmental friendly design of new products and services through the innovative use of new information standards. This will extend the results of the CASCADE (see Past Projects) to improve the environmental design of new products and services through the innovative use of new information standards.

The standards are applications of ISO 10303 Product data representation and exchange, ISO 13584 Parts Libraries and ISO 15926, in particular it's Reference Data Library. Each of these standards uses an information model to provide a computer-processable specification for product data that is independent from any proprietary software system. These standards support the neutral exchange of data between different computer systems and are the basis for long-term data retention and archiving. The main strategic objective of this project is to enable more companies, particularly SMEs, to use life cycle thinking on the environmental impact of their design of new products, in conformance with the Communication on Integrated Product Policy of the European Commission.

The project has two main actions: provision of e-learning on the new technologies and opportunities created by the information standards and also ISO 14048; workshops to achieve interaction between users and developers of the standards to speed up the acceptance and dissemination of the new methods.

The outcome from the workshops will be used to prepare policy recommendations to ISO and CEN in the areas of standardization and innovation for reducing environmental impact.

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