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Cumulative Notes from Collaboration Wiki Team

This is free-form notes from team discussions, in lieu of formal Notes of Meetings. Members are encouraged to use the Wiki collboratively to add / update their own notes.

Content Wiki Index

Wed 5th August 2009

Manoj, Onno, Gord, Keith, Mike(O), Lee, Darius, Rahul, Ian

Wed 19th August 2009
Adrian, Gord, Keith, Mike(O), Rahul, Rohit, Manish, Tom, Mike(B), Nils, Magne(pt), Darius, Ric, Robin, Lee, Manoj, Gary (B)

Content Wiki Index ... as general rolling agenda.

Active projects

  • Bechtel "BDEF" work with Emerson
  • Proteus (was Matrix 123)

BDEF & Proteus to establish the Thursday modelling meeting as a general open session - need to control agenda & separate levels of modelling - eg Business / Implementation / Formal.

Rationalizing the spreadsheet format for capturing template definitions of mapped business content would be a good agenda item to start with.

  • Primer / Tech Writing (Flow chart of tasks)

Gord / Manish / Ian to check & circulate to the wider community for comment.

  • BIDG
  • Other.

Extra-meeting items.

Avalon Challenges to PCA

PCA RDS Business Model Team.

PCA 15926 RDL Content Ph1 completion proposals.

FIATECH Element Champions Meeting in Sept.

(IDS-ADI Core team discussion ?)

Wed 30th Sept 2009
Those Present ... Onno, Adrian, Keith, Mike, Ric, Tom, Manish, Gord, Darius(pt), Manoj(pt)

Content Wiki Index .... as general rolling agenda.

Agenda - (Update after 6 weeks without review).

  • How to / Getting Started / Tech-Writing Tasks
  • Bechtel "BDEF" content
  • Proteus content
  • Other collaborative content projects ?
  • Making use of the wiki itself to share ideas / progress ? (See Mike's last input).
  • (Mapping & modelling "methodology" & formats - Thursday)
  • (IOHN / ISA demo content ?)
  • (Business Operational RDS/WIP - PCA & FIATECH initiatives ?)
  • Publish (in a book ?)
  • Speeches / Presentations / Future of 15926 ?

Manish has shared the index (of existing resources) already.
Index of proposed "getting started" created with Gordon & Manish.
Robin's personal input / Bechtel history of using Part 4.
Plan for other inputs / case studies.
Adrian ? Onno ? Ian ? Manoj ? What / How
Emerson (Duane Toavs ?) Tom (Dow) - Why / Business-case / How
Ian / Onno share GoToMeeting?

Proteus - New ID's / And new items prepared for RDS/WIP. 90% scope covered so far.
Spreadsheets at the moment / No reliable sandbox currently (Camelot time limited.)
Proteus domain sandbox ? Advice from Julian / Robin.
Limitation is the availability of the PCA / RDL content in the Avalon / iRING format other than the Camelot sandbox.
Expectation is an Avalon-wide (PCA / RDL content) which a Proteus sandbox can rely on. Need to come back to the "general" availability of RDS/WIP.
Previous Matrix123 Demo ? Details for the Primer. Adrian to provide to Gord)

BIDG is creating content too.
EPRI nuclear power & ARC strong interest has led to them taking the lead ... we will add IDS-ADI needs to these ... "chapters" for different indutrial domains. Also interested in having an Infrastructure project domain chapter. Upstream Oil&Gas also needed.
ARC data matrix will be made 15926 compliant / mapped as part of this project. Ditto for EPRI.
Large potential scope here - limited by focussing on "guides" rather than comprehensive specific data content / matrices.

Using the Wiki
Onno inhibited by page / author "rule" -
Keith intending to use more as we get to defining the templatre / content needs.
Gord is using to capture the documentation - people are encouraged to enter content directly in the place holders. Use it to "think" - place notes there and come back to them.
Notification / watch-page facility is hidden / under-used ... we need to fix / make clearer ... simply click "watch-page" to subscribe to a page.

Updates - both PCA & FIATECH planning initiatives for sustainable business-like operation of the RDS/WIP.

Opportunity to publish a book --- 15926 "for dummies" idea.
(Bentley is publlishing the RFID cookbook ... could do the same for 15926 "cookbook")
Level of expert review needed for existing Primer content still.
Ric will initiate discussions with IDS-ADI blessing.

Wider planning / messages - needs an IDS-ADI SC discussion ?
The "how to / get started" content quality / priority review will need some common agreement.

Ric is presenting at a conference on wider standards (inc COBIE / BuildingSmart? / BIM / IFC's) - wants to bring more collaboration / convergence to the standards.
Asked to present on 15926 ... the interoperability of integration standards .... connecting these other standards to 15926. Leadership / challenge is good. The what (content) will be non-contentious, whatever the forms it has been created. The "how to" will be a challenge - the technolgical power looks simple - but it is harder to organize to achieve. Connected (rather than harmonized) through eg Wikis / Social-networking tools. (The convergence should make it easier to generate funding for the difficult "how to" tasks. The marketing / reaction aspect of taking over the ground of others.)

Wed 28th Oct 2009
Those Present ... Manish, Gord, Robin, Ian, Darius, Keith, Adrian, Manoj, Gary Brown (pt), Rahul,

Avalon Ends in November

AVALON Primary Focus - to deliver the RDL Service Provision Requirements
Required by both PCA and FIATECH "Operational RDL" Project(s)
This is demanding priority time of several key players until complete.
Add the need for the umbrella forum in this picture - "IDS-ADI refresh".

AVALON Secondary - iRING Tools & Technology (protocols & specifications)
Ongoing user group planned - around the S/W development & processes ?

AVALON Secondary - Content Collaboration Wiki
Always intended to be between other projects & initiatives.
Wiki can remain to facilitate sharing of issues & subjects, and to allow such projects to collaborate.
Suggest any future teleconference meetings set up ad-hoc as driven by project initiatives / needs / issues.

Other FIATECH / PCA (and other) Collaboration on 15926 generally (IDS-ADI).
(All aspects -Content / Modelling / Technology / Standards / Business etc ...)
No formal joint organization (not since Oct 2008 in fact)
Both have boards. Both have specific subgroups (committees / champions).
One proposal is for a "Forum" or Advisory Group" as a "gathering place" of members of both with common interest to discuss initiatives of either or both (or their members) and advise either or both.
(Cannot claim any formally authorised role in either FIATECH or PCA.)

Adrian - There is feedback that PCA & FIATECH want to strengthen this ongoing relationship, but as yet no formal arrangement agreed.

Gord - Now I'm interested, but what do I do next. (Prominent link to Avalon currently). The how to stuff is really beyond the primer now .... where is the home for this. Yes, these pages ... under what was IDS-ADI (Avalon is a time-limited project) ... continue with IDS-ADI branding for now.

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